2018: A Five Star Start

2018 is off to a great start!  I've read 2 books this year that I rate 5 stars.  First is Margaret Atwood's Alias Grace and Emily Fridlund's History of Wolves. 
Alias Grace is the story of Grace Marks, a woman tried and convicted of murdering her employer and his housekeeper in the mid-19th century.  Dr. Simon Jordan, a young doctor in the new field of mental illness meets with Grace and her story unfolds.  Is she a jealous, wicked woman rightfully convicted?  Or is she an innocent victim herself?
You can also watch the adaptation of this book on Netflix! Unlike most books that become movies (or 6 part mini-series)  this will not leave you disappointed.  Atwood herself even makes an appearance if you are watching closely!
The second book, History of Wolves is part mystery, part coming of age drama.  The setting, rural northern Minnesota, is as much a character in this novel as 14 year old Madeline/Linda.  One of the most striking things about this novel is that early in the story you are made aware of a tragedy, but as the story unfolds and you get to the event, the reader is still caught off guard.  There is a lot going on this book, a teacher convicted of child pornography, the remaining members of a former commune to name a few.  The rural, isolated nature of this book is haunting and beautiful, and I found myself continually rooting for Madeline/ Linda.
Bonus- author Emily Fridlund is from the Finger Lakes Region of NY!



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