Friday, February 23, 2018

Irish Girls About Town

This older book (2002) caught my eye as it came across the circulation desk as a return.  It's a series of short stories by Irish authors, including one of my favorites, Maeve Binchy, whose name is prominently displayed on the front cover.  OK, I know MB's stories can flirt with fluffiness, but I love her!!  She is a great story teller, really makes you care about her characters, plus you get to learn what it was like to live in Ireland (as a woman, mostly) in the 50s and also more recently.  Some of these short stories were pretty fine, a few not so memorable.  The editor should not have put two of them with similar plots right next to each other, but other than that I found I could not stop reading them.  What more can the devoted reader ask for?

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