Friday, September 7, 2018

Little Fires Everywhere, by Celeste Ng

This is a book I kept hearing about but was unable to read because it was always checked out.  When I finally got to it though, I had to agree with the general hype:  an excellent read (like Lincoln in the Bardo)!  It takes place in Shaker Heights Ohio, which is part of Cleveland.  I grew up in Ohio and my college roommate Elizabeth was from Cleveland Heights, located next to Shaker, so I knew about Shaker's existence and reputation (from Elizabeth: hoity toity!).  It was fun for me right from the start.

In the story there are a number of situations leading to various consequences, as happens in life.  We get to know the main characters and then see how they cope with the fallout.  You, the reader, might be ready to condemn the actions of someone, but then change your mind as you learn more about that person. 

Yep, the world is not black and white; the two families featured in the book are themselves complete opposites, yet they are attracted to each other too.  One of the main polarities is lifestyle.  One family travels extensively, living on the edge and rootless.  The other has major roots in Shaker Heights and lots of money.  I found myself considering which way I would prefer and why.

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