Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Alexander McCall Smith's Books

I wanted to let you know about this author, in case you are looking for some fun reading.  His main claim to fame is The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series, but he's also written a series about people living in Edinburgh, Scotland.  I started reading the Scottish tales first, since I've been in Edinburgh and loved it.  I then moved to the No. 1 Ladies' series on audiobook.  The novels are read by a woman with a light accent which I assume is Botswanan, and it's lovely. 

McCall Smith is the sort of writer you should go to if you want to read about people and places that are interesting without being super edgy.  There may be crimes, but there will be no grisly descriptions or foul language.  His stories have more depth than "cosy" books, and are often funny and clever and full of interesting facts about, for example, Botswana and her people.  The books are positive without being smarmy.  Kindness is the order of the day and wins out over greed and cruelty.  It's a relief to read a book like this after, say, Dean Koontz's Intensity.

It is also lucky that McCall Smith is prolific, so if you like his work, you can spend many a rainy day enjoying his delightful style.  Be sure to have a cup or two of tea on hand, and maybe even some scones!

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